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Turning pig fat into white gold. ie- Lard

Posted 11/30/2014 3:50pm by Missy VanWormer.

I just may be one of the only women I know who gets excited about fat. I love the stuff. Go crazy for it even. I shed tiny tears when it's all gone. It has so many uses and it IS better for you the vegetable fat (vegetable oil). It has less saturated fat (bad fat) than butter, while it also has more than twice as much monounsaturated fat (good fat) than butter. If you make it yourself then it won't have been hydrogenated. 

We cook and bake with it, if a cookie sheet needs greasing, just scoop a little out of the jar with some wax paper and you're good to go. Lard is rendered from pig fat and Tallow comes from beef. We raise Mulefoot hogs and know a few people who also raise pigs if we need to trade for fat. You can ask at your local butchers or talk with your local pig/beef farmer to see if they'll save you some when they next take an animal in for processing. You'll need about a pound of fat to get a pint of lard. It reminds me of the old rhyme, "A pints a pound the world around" 

Step 1- pull out the Electric Crock Pot 

Step 2- cut the fat into pieces 

Step 3- add the cut fat and 1/2 cup water to the crock pot and turn it on low. The water is a must. It will keep the fat from burning/catching fire and evaporate away. Once the fat is melted, poor it through cheese cloth into a wide mouth ball jar and allow to cool. Keep it in the fridge. 

*note- there will be pieces of "fat" that will now melt. The left over bits are called cracklings. Save them back and fry them crispy in a pan and you have yourself a nice treat for all your hard work.